How Cool Cane Inc. Was Born

The new twist on an old favorite

Behind every great start-up business is an inspirational story, and behind every great product is a unique idea. Kal Tadesse is the co-owner and CEO of Cool Cane Inc., a business that sells and manufactures 100% pure sugarcane juice. This is the story of how Kal and his childhood friend, Taj created the innovative natural energy drink.

How It All Started

Cool Cane was born with an idea sparked by Taj Alakoozi. It happened on a hot summer day in Asia when the sun was beating down on Taj. He was dehydrated from walking and could feel his energy fading.

After walking around for what felt like forever, Taj finally discovered a long line of people waiting to be served cold drinks from a small kiosk. Taj quickly joined the lineup, anticipating a cold drink to quench his thirst. Finally, he got to the front of the line and a man handed to him some sugarcane juice.

It wasn’t exactly what he asked for, but the man insisted and told him,

"This is what everyone is drinking. It will hydrate your body and it will give you energy". Taj paid the man and slammed the ice-cold sugarcane juice back, immediately feeling its miracle effects. It was that first sip of sugarcane juice that inspired Cool Cane Inc. (thank you, Kiosk-man!). Taj knew at that moment that this was a drink that needed to be introduced to the world.

The Ultimate Refreshing Experience

When Taj returned from his trip to Asia, he excitedly told his childhood friend Kal Tadesse about the juice. With an epiphany brewing, two entrepreneurial minds came together, evolving into business partners and eventually beginning their mission to bring together health and taste for the ultimate refreshing experience.

Both of Kal and Taj chewed sugarcane and even drank the juice as children, but didn't fully understand how amazing sugarcane juice can really be for the human body.

But they did know that it would be something new and exciting to bring to the market; it’s the health benefits, refreshing taste, and the unique story that makes Cool Cane juice so special.

When Kal and Taj began creating Cool Cane, they knew how spectacular sugarcane is on its own and didn’t want to turn this potential phenomenon into “just an energy drink”.

To get the sugarcane juice ready for mass production,they knew that it needed something to keep it fresh. Kal and Taj worked long hours until they discovered a unique method to give sugarcane juice a longer shelf life without adding ANY preservatives. It’s filtered and pasteurized with no added water to ensure that it keeps all of its natural healing agents.

Right now, Cool Cane is the only juice on the market that’s made from 100% pure sugarcane juice – zero preservatives and absolutely NO added sugar. We’re very proud to say that we are the only distributor of natural sugarcane juice,and we’re hyped to bring a fresh and unique drink to the health community.

Tip:You can mix sugarcane juice with another type of fruit juice, use it as a cocktail mixer, cook with it, and of course, drink it as is.

Leave us a comment with your favorite recipes, cocktails, or methods of consumption! We’ve even had customers tell us that sugarcane juice makes a good spot-acne treatment. However you enjoy your juice, we’d love to hear from you.