Can Your Business Survive the Latest Food Revolution?

It’s 2015 and it’s clear that things are changing around the world. There’s been a growing demand for healthy options in our food and beverage market. We’re ready to take the industry by storm and we want you to join us on our mission.


Even today, you can visit the website of a notorious fast food chain and be bombarded with buzzwords and images attempting to portray healthy living. It’s no secret that unhealthy fast food chains’ sales have been plummeting since the health-food revolution because of serious health concerns and worries over the treatment of their animals – a huge thanks to popular documentaries like Food Inc.for paving the way in food and drink awareness.

So, what does this have to do with sugarcane juice? Well, as health advocates and lovers of all things natural, we’re happy to introduce pure sugarcane juice to the health food market,and we’re ecstatic about the positive feedback we’ve been receiving from our distributors and customers. We want your businesses to thrive by understanding the importance of adapting to change.


Many businesses fail due to lack of change and by ignoring what customers are actually looking for. It seems that consumers are beginning to change their lifestyles and are now searching for healthy alternatives. explains it perfectly with a blurb from UPS:

“In order to embrace the evolving marketplace, you should be willing to learn new things and make pertinent adjustments in your business plan. Success depends on how you identify new opportunities and continually adapt to change so that you conquer new ground and stay on top of the game.”

Whether or not healthy living is just a trend (which isn’t likely), people are starting to catch on. It would be smart for businesses to do the same.


Sugarcane juice is your opportunity to prepare for a changing market. Some believe that nature has a cure for almost everything and it’s time that we utilize the gifts we’re given from the earth.

Why is sugarcane juice a game changer? It’s the perfect alternative to unhealthy items like energy drinks, pop, and juice filled with artificial sugar and coloring. Cool Cane is currently being sold in 250+ locations including Esso and GoodLife Fitness and we’re inviting you to join us in the newest journey through the health industry.


As entrepreneurs and business owners, we understand the risk involved in committing to a new product. Take a quick look at some of the things that our clients have been saying about us:

“Cool Cane’s business model works perfectly for my restaurant. Their customer service is tailored to meet my business needs, and their product sells off the charts!” - Hiyaw Gebreyohannes

“The Product is amazing and it sells very well at my store. It’s always a pleasure working with Kal and he has a great sense of customer relations. I always get my juice within 24 hours.” - Sina Shahravan– Esso

Please send us an email if you have a personal testimonial about your experience with Cool Cane sugarcane juice; we’d love to hear from you.


We can take a trip through recent history to see some examples of big businesses that have failed due to lack of change and unwillingness to adapt to the market. Blockbuster, which was once a movie giant, announced it would be closing its doors in 2011. Other brands such as Kodak have also been considered to fail because of their lack of change. We can’t emphasize it enough: it’s so important to adapt to culture, technology, and most importantly, the consumer. 

We want you to be ahead of the times and the trends. With one foot forward and your acknowledgement to change, your business is sure to thrive.Sugarcane juice is rapidly climbing to the top of the food and drink ladder.Are you ready to be an industry leader?

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