Sugarcane Juice Ice Pops

Want a refreshing and healthy treat to make this summer? It tastes better than ice cream—we promise! Fruit Popsicle are a great way to cool down, Cool Cane sugarcane juice added-inmake  for a mineral-rich treat that tastes just as good as the sugar-loaded versions!

All you will need are some ice Popsicle silicone molds (find these at your local department store or order them online at There are countless fruit combinations to create your Popsicle from, so to help you out a bit we’ve hand picked a few of our favorites and listed some of their health benefits.

Starting with:

·         Kiwis - Vitamin C, vitamin K, copper and dietary fiber

·         PineappleSweet, fat-free, cholesterol-free and low in sodium. It also contains high amounts of vitamin C and manganese

·         Oranges – Sodium, manganese, vitamin B-6, over 130% of your daily dose of Vitamin C

·         Blackberries –Bioflavonoids, very low sodium, antioxidants

·         Blueberries – Antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin A, iron, zinc

Here is our fruit Popsicle recipe:

Fruit: Kiwi, pineapple, and orange

Filtered water

Cool Cane sugarcane juice

Cut up the fruits into small pieces and put them into the ice pop containers. Fill half the containers with Cool Cane sugarcane juice, and then top them up with filtered water. Sometimes adding a squeeze of lemon can give the Popsicles a nice citrus flavor; for our recipe, we’re going to add orange to keep the sweetness but add touch of citrus.

You could also try blending the ingredients together before pouring into the containers for a smoother consistency.Pro tip: Decorate with nicely sliced kiwis and pineapple throughout for added visual appeal, perfect for a summer cookout!

Allow the Popsicle to freeze for 4-5 hours in order to harden completely. Serve with some napkins, as these can get sticky when they melt.

The fruit Popsicle are so refreshing and will make your mind and body feel amazing with their multitude of vitamins. Pair these healthy treats with our yoga tips, and your body will thank you! Enjoy.